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WCS League or World Championship Sim racing League is the place for true Esports sim racing, where racing is entertainment. With a long history of running events it's the place to watch close exciting racing on a variety of platforms for the pro and novice gamer alike.


Mike Pitman

Job title : CEO


A business leader in the field for over fifteen years. Shaping the success of many drivers as owner of the esports teams VBM and ACR Zakspeed whilst winning many accolades and titles along the way. CEO of the production house SimNews.TV with broadcasts and shows seen by over a million people. Now leading WCSLeague onto new exciting ventures


Gerrit de Vries

Job title : Race admin/technician Short


Been into simracing ever since i first touched geoff crammonds (Microprose) Grand Prix 1, and that was back in 1992, it only became really serious when I started competing in an online league with Netkar. Also started making liveries back then,which got me interested into the modding side of things and 3D designing.


Mike Bell

Job title : Head of the disciplinary committee

Kart Racer in the Formula Blue since 2017, and Top-Level simracer since 2011. Won many races and Titles (both driver and teams) as a driver and manager of Smile Power Racing. Currently working at Raceroom Racing Experience as their chief Steward, as well as commentating for GPVWC's Formula Challenge and the Formula Blue event videos.


Milan Rajković

Job title : RaceRoom manager

Started in simracing since 2015 driving rf1 before progressing to rF2 and raceroom. Participating as a driver in championships in Balkan, Russia, Italia and now currently driving as one of the ACR drivers. Previous management of Balkan Sim racing (BSR) followed by Balkan Raceroom League (BRL), hosting championships, designing and organising. After leaving BRL is now one of the holders of Sim Racing Clinic and working for WCS League.

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